Accused of having organized orgies on the set of a series, Úrsula Corberó had quickly reacted to the controversy.

Let it be said, Úrsula Corberó was very different when she was young. You may not know it, but the actress played in the Physics or Chemistry series before causing a sensation in La Casa de Papel. Interviewed about this time by the AISGE site (Artistas e Intérpretes Sociedad de Gestión) in 2016, the actress had admitted that it was a great period of her life before adding without filter: “It was four years d ‘an intense hormonal outbreak. Everyone slept with everyone and it didn’t bother anyone. ” Statements that had made a bad buzz. Very quickly, the Spanish press got hold of this revelation by accusing the star of organizing orgies on the set of the show. A controversy to which she had reacted.

During the promotion of his series La Embajada, Úrsula Corberó had not escaped the questions on these remarks considered scandalous. Determined to set the record straight, the 30-year-old said to reporters: “I would like to clear things up. These words were totally misinterpreted. There were words that never left my mouth. And they will never leave it because they are not true. There have never been orgies on the set of Physics or Chemistry. ” A statement that has the merit of being clear. As we know, the pretty brunette does not have her tongue in her pocket and never hesitates to say what she thinks. The proof, Úrsula Corberó revealed the worst thing that her friends could do to her before her marriage and it is surprising.


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