Úrsula Corberó lived a completely surreal and unreal moment with a fan and we tell you everything.

If you follow her news a bit, you know that Úrsula Corberó was very different when she was young . The actress didn’t look like that at all when she started her career. After her passage in the Physics or Chemistry series , it was in La Casa de Papel that the actress gained notoriety. From now on, it is impossible not to associate it with her character aka the fearsome robber Tokyo. A role which allowed her to federate a large number of fans. But if most of her meetings with her admirers go well, others are completely crazy. Witness this moment she experienced.

In 2018, Úrsula Corberó took over her Twitter account to tell her community about the surreal scene that unfolded before her eyes as she wandered around town.

“A man asked me for a photo and when she unlocked her cell phone, a penis appeared and it occupied her entire screen. Then he said to me ‘It’s because it’s Father’s Day.’

I’m shocked, ” she tweeted. A very strange exchange that the pretty Spanish is certainly not ready to forget. And always more anecdotes, discover the hilarious details of the first meeting between Úrsula Corberó and her darling Chino Darín.


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