We would never have thought of this scene there for her, and yet!

While waiting for the arrival of Part 5 on Netflix, the actors of the series continue the interviews to the delight of the fans. After Jaime Lorente (Denver), it’s also Ursula Corbero’s turn to confide in La Casa de Papel. Indeed, during a recent interview given to Identity Mag magazine, the actress returned to a scene that particularly marked her during season 3. And for good reason, since it is the most difficult scene than the actress had to play in all seasons of the hit show. And the least we can say is that his choice is … unexpected! Because it was not a complicated scene physically (like the chase scenes with Gandia for example) or emotionally (his break with Rio) that gave him a hard time.

While Jaime Lorente said he had a lot of trouble playing the moving death of his fictitious father Moscow in season 2: “It was very painful and it required a lot of mental preparation due to the seriousness of the situation”. Ursula Corbero, for her part, retains a difficult memory of a completely different scene: “When we were all on the boat fleeing La Fabrique de la Monnaie in season 3 and the professor told us’: we crossed the international waters’ “. And for good reason, it was the trying and terrible conditions of filming of the scene that marked the actress: “We were filming on the high seas in Thailand with winter clothes under 45 degrees and many of us vomited because of the high waves. Miguel Herran (Rio) even had sunstroke. When we came back to the mainland, I really felt very bad. ” Difficult to bear indeed! Between seasickness and the overwhelming and humid heat of Thailand, you can better understand your choice. Also discover this clue that reveals the Professor’s escape plan in part 5 of La Casa de Papel.


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