The United States and Britain made an interesting accusation to Russia. According to the statements, the test on July 15, which Russia announced as a spacecraft test, was actually a test for a spacecraft. Britain described the incident as worrying, while the United States accused Russia of being hypocritical.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced in a statement on July 15 that it had made a new test in space. According to the statements of the Russian government, one of the satellites that were sent to orbit would be examined closely. However, officials from the US and the UK accused Russia of testing a space gun, making some test-related statements.

According to the statements made by the US State Department, Russia’s tests in space conducted experiments with a weapon targeting satellites in orbit. Authorities made very harsh accusations against Russia in their statements on the subject.

The US government accuses Russia of hypocrisy on the issue. In the statements made, it is stated that Russia restricts the USA’s skills in space, but it continues to work in space. Moreover, according to the USA, Russia does not want to stop working in space or give opportunities to other countries.

Harvey Smyth of the UK Space Directorate says Russia’s last test threatens the peaceful approach in space. It was also stated that Russia should avoid such tests and should not forget its responsibility. The main reason for making such statements is the space agreement, including countries such as the USA, Britain, Russia and China, and more than 100 countries have signed in total.

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The signed space agreement supports peaceful work in space. However, Russia, India, China, and the US administration have hardly agreed on orbiting satellites, especially in the past 10 years. Various weapons have also been developed in this regard, and these weapons allow bombs sent to orbit by aircraft or rockets to destroy laser-marked satellites.


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