The African Forces Command, affiliated to the U.S. Department of Defense, announced that Russia is deploying warplanes in Libya. The statement said that developments related to warplanes sent to Libya through special military troops supported by Russia were evaluated.

It has been announced that Russian fighter planes will provide air reinforcements to special military troops affiliated to the Wagner Group, which supports the Libyan National Army, which fights against the National Reconciliation Government recognized internationally. In a statement made by the US African Forces Command, it was noted that Russia could no longer deny its role in the conflict in the region, and that every moment the Russian aircraft went to Libya was followed by the USA.

In the statement, which emphasized that Russia is in the region not to ensure the welfare of the Libyan people, but to achieve its own strategic goals, it was stated that Moscow’s military moves extended the conflicts in Libya and increased the losses and suffering caused by the two sides.

The written statement also noted that these steps of Russia, which damaged stability in Libya, would lead to a migration crisis and endanger Europe’s security.

Kalın: “The support of Russia and several countries is escalating violence in Libya”

While these developments were taking place, Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın argued that the situation in Libya continues to be critical and fragile, and that the support given by several countries such as the Gulf region countries and Russia to the Khafter forces, which are not legitimate representatives of the Libyan people, has escalated the violence.

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Kalin, who made evaluations to France 24 television regarding the latest developments in Libya, said that all countries that support the Hafter forces, including France, are on the wrong side of the conflicts in Libya.

Referring to the developments in Syria, Kalın emphasized that there is a good relationship between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and President Donald Trump. Presidential Spokesman, purchased from Russia but said that Turkey’s dispute with America that led to life on the S-400 air defense systems to process continued as planned. Thick, said the S-400 are activated due to delays experienced in the Corona virus outbreak that Turkey “is attached to the deal” was the answer.

The Turkish Armed Forces provide training, consultancy and equipment support under the agreement with the Tripoli National Consensus Government (UMH) on November 27. Turkey’s move was a step change in the balance of civil war in Libya. Russia, on the other hand, supports the forces of General Caliph Khafter, who fought against UMH.

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