The sanctions imposed by the United States government on Chinese companies, apparently, are not being taken so seriously. According to TechRadar, despite the tough measures stipulated, US companies would be negotiating “under the hood” the use of Huawei’s 5G technology standards. Still, there are those that prevent their engineers from participating in any informal conversations on the subject, while others just don’t speak out in formal discussions.

To circumvent business discontent and ease the fear that the United States is at a disadvantage in defining the direction of the market, a source told Reuters that the United States Department of Commerce is working on defining new rules that would grant permissions for the approach the subject at meetings at which Huawei is present.

These flexibilities, however, would depend on the approval of other government agencies, which may represent an obstacle to negotiating solutions that include smaller companies. Such companies, despite having incentives for banning Chinese technologies, still suffer from the difference in prices for the purchase of products still allowed.

The sanctions were imposed on the grounds of defending national security, without, however, evidence that real problems have affected the country.


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