It was reported that US President Donald Trump was hospitalized due to Covid-19.

President Donald Trump was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center “as a precautionary measure” on Friday after his diagnosis of the coronavirus, a senior management official told NBC News.

“President Trump is still in good shape, showing mild symptoms, and working around the clock,” spokesman Kayleigh McEnany told reporters at the White House.

Spokesperson McEnany used the following statements in the rest of his speech:

“Because of the need to be very careful and on the advice of experts, the President will work in the presidential offices at Walter Reed for the next few days. President Trump appreciates the increased support for both him and the First Lady. ”

The transfer of the president to the medical facility occurred after his diagnosis was announced. In the early hours of Friday afternoon, the White House doctor said Trump was “tired but in good spirits”. Dr. Sean Conley said he administered an experimental antibody cocktail treatment to Trump and also gave him several nutritional supplements.

The president announced his diagnosis on Twitter Friday morning. He has since shunned the social media platform, and White House officials posted several updates on his health throughout the day. NBC reported that Friday afternoon fever was of a low grade, citing three people familiar with Trump’s situation.

Other Cases Uncovered in the White House

Meanwhile, CNN announced that there were other cases of coronavirus in the White House a few hours ago. One of those with Covid-19 is working in Trump’s office, and the other is a TV reporter for the White House.

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