It was alleged that the US, under the direction of Donald Trump, was preparing to halve the number of troops in Afghanistan.

It was noted that the administration of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is about to complete the plan to withdraw over 4,000 US troops in Afghanistan.

In the news, which the US press organizations based on two senior officials, the USA took action to reduce the number of soldiers in Afghanistan from 8,500 to 4,500.

The report, which is stated to have come to an end in the study conducted by the US administration, said that Trump is determined to be determined.

Also in the news, while NATO allies were shared with US Defense Secretary Mark Esper discussing this issue, there was no clear date on when the withdrawal of troops would be completed.

Contesting voices start to rise in US politics

Voices expressing opposing opposition in US politics about this decision of Trump also began to emerge.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham made various evaluations by sharing the news in his social media account.

Graham stated that the process of withdrawal from Afghanistan should always take place depending on the circumstances, and that if the elements such as the Trump administration, Al-Qaeda, and DAESH continued to withdraw troops despite the strengthening in Afghanistan, he made an assessment that he could make mistakes in Iraq during Obama’s time.

Graham says that the United States should proceed in a way that does not jeopardize its national security.

Under the agreement reached with the Taliban in February, the US is expected to increase the number of soldiers in Afghanistan to 8,500.

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The withdrawal continues according to the Pentagon, but how many of the 14,000 soldiers in Afghanistan have been shot have not been released yet.


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