Later netizens in the Korean online community discussed clothing that apparently could only be used appropriately by Ryujin ITZY.

Through an online community, The Qoo on June 15, a netizen uploaded and highlighted the sexy outfit that Ryujin wore when he came to ‘Music Bank’ on June 28, 2019.

In the photo, Ryujin appears to be wearing a semi-transparent gray tank top that shows a black bra underneath.

Netizens who made the post also added questions to other netizens, “Can you dress like Ryujin here (in Korea)?”

Many netizens are of the opinion that the clothes are only appropriate for Ryujin to wear, but some others prefer not to wear them because they will be in the spotlight.

“Some perverts will look at me, so I never dress like that”

“Even if I have a good body, I can’t wear it”

“I would wear it if I had that body on that face”

“I can’t use it because I’m not Ryujin …”

“If I have a good body, I can wear it every day ㅋㅋ” and many others.

See the photos of Ryujin referred to below!


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