V BTS and Tzuyu TWICE recently made fans excited after appearing in the same photo.

Korean netizens on the Pann site recently discussed photos of V and Tzuyu posing together with other idols at an awards show.

After seeing the photo, netizens were amazed by the visuals of the two K-Pop idols.

Instead of being a couple, netizens feel that the visuals of the two make them look like brother and sister. Like some of the comments of Korean netizens:

“Rather than as a couple, they are exactly like brothers and sisters. They both look very luxurious and are similar to each other, ”

“Wow it really looks very beautiful and handsome,”

“Both of them are wearing fancy clothes, but because of their faces, I’m totally unconscious, hahaha,”

“Tzuyu also must look handsome if he is a man,”

“They have similar facial shapes,” and various other similar comments.

You can see the photo of V and Tzuyu which is the discussion of Korean netizens below!


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