BTS is in the midst of celebrating another year since their debut, after 7 years together, the members have been partners in a large number of experiences, but also have witnessed how they have evolved in their role as artists and As people, that’s why V mentioned Jimin’s characteristics that have changed the most in all this time.

BTS’s seventh anniversary has awakened the emotional side of the group and the fans, because it also allows us to see how much the boys have grown, how their personalities demonstrate total self-confidence and everything they have achieved thanks to their effort.

When V was asked at the FESTA 2020 celebration how the Jimin of today differed from that of 9 years ago when they were still trainees, Taehyung joked that Jimin’s pinkies have grown a bit, as they previously used to have a very cute and tender appearance, but now you can notice how they have grown. LOL!

In addition, V noted that Jimin’s cheeks were currently missing, so he asked where they had suddenly gone, referring to his partner’s face looking slim and slim.

FESTA 2020 also allowed them to see the profiles of each member prepared by themselves, but a fun moment came when the members had to answer a series of questions thinking about how their colleagues would do it.

Watch the video of the conversation between Jimin and V below:


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