During this year, BTS’s plans for a new world tour were changed in unexpected ways, however, the members of the group continue to work hard on new music for their fans. Among the projects in the works, V is expected to have her first mixtape and this idol revealed some details to increase the excitement of her followers.

Since the quarantine began, Taehyung showed ARMY that he was working on new songs and, although it was initially considered that they would be for BTS’s next album, V revealed that they are working on various projects, so in addition to writing for the group, he’s also preparing tunes for his own release.


V recently communicated with his fans through a live broadcast, where he released a spoiler about his mixtape. According to the BTS vocalist, this record material will have a song very similar to 4 O’Clock, but he is sure it is even better.

Although Taehyung does not know for sure who will be the next member to present his mixtape, he is very focused on his work, so he announced that he already has 8 songs written in which he has put all his effort. The idol would like the premiere of this material to occur before the end of this year, but noted that they still have to review many things such as evaluating which songs will be included.

Watch the full video of the V stream below:


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