Since the premiere of ‘Las chicas del cable’ in 2017, Netflix has been releasing several Spanish series such as ‘Élite’, ‘Alta mar’, ‘Hache’, ‘El vecino’ or the new seasons of ‘La casa de papel’, But he had never released two new separate productions for just one week. That is exactly what is going to happen this May 2020, since this Friday the 8th it is the turn of ‘Valeria’ and in seven days it will be the occasion for ‘White Lines’.

We will have to see if that does not turn against him, but apparently they are two titles with nothing to do with each other beyond their nationality. ‘White Lines’ promises to be a vibrant alternative to ‘La casa de papel’, with which it shares the creator, while ‘Valeria’ seems to be a kind of Spanish version of ‘Sex and the City’, one of the recognized influences of Elísabet Benavent , the author of the literary saga that adapts this Netflix series that has not convinced me.

Does not get the desired naturalness
For now there have been four episodes that I have been able to see of ‘Valeria’ -the ones that Netflix made available to the press- and one of the aspects that has bothered me the most is that not even in those topics in which I could feel more Familiarity achieves the naturalness necessary to get hooked -although it is sought- and to get as a side effect that you are interested in those plots that on paper are most indifferent to you.

This problem is something I attribute more to the scripts than to the work of the cast, led by an inspired Diana Gómez who deserved better material to enhance the charm of her performance. That is where ‘Valeria’ comes to interest me, since its interpretation does suggest that the series could be somewhat stimulating, but it is something that the scripts progressively undermine to the point that it is far from being enough to continue watching episodes. wanting.

Perhaps it is because Valeria is sold to us as someone lost in all areas of life and the way in which she is most interested in redirecting him is through the sentimental route -yes, there is also her frustration as a writer, but her importance It seems to be diluting as the series progresses, posing an interesting dilemma in the relationship with her husband, and then turns out to be somewhat monotonous in the temptation that the character played by Maxi Iglesias represents for her.

That feature also extends, at least for now, to the different problems that the protagonist’s friends have to face. There does not seem to be so much interest in delving into them individually as in the fact that it is a necessity for each of them to have an engine that motivates their actions. By doing so, they never manage to put it at full speed, with Silma López being the best one to stop, since she manages to transmit the energy required by her character quite well.

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More shadows than lights
The rest of the main cast doesn’t contribute anything that makes me want to know more about their characters. I am aware that on paper I am not the target of a series like ‘Valeria’ -which does not mean that I could perfectly like it, I would just have it a little more difficult-, but if sometimes it seems that they want to “kick me out” Instead of making some kind of effort to hold me back, let’s go.

Besides, the series does not seem to be very clear whether it seeks to offer an idyllic vision or a more bitter portrait. When he wants to enhance aspects such as being shot in Madrid, he tends to the first, while in the most intimate moments he is more in the second line, thus causing a certain chaos in the tone of the series. That may be solved when the characters have finished taking off, but I do not think I have the patience to continue waiting and also they can perfectly remain stagnant ad eternum.

It also does not help that there is a certain layer of superficiality at all times that when the series is lighter it does not clash, but that turns against it when it uses the same mechanisms to tackle more complicated situations. Sometimes it even seems that he wants to touch on certain subjects because he knows them to be important but without making an effort to go beyond what any more topical approach has already given us previously. For that you better do nothing.

In short

Leria Valeria ’stays, at best, in no man’s land. He does not finish knowing how to conjugate all the ingredients he uses and that prevents him from achieving that naturalness that he seeks so hard. In fact, sometimes she even feels a little false about the way she approaches the story. On the positive side, the work of its protagonist stands out despite the fact that his character is not very well outlined either.


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