Riot Games’ competitive multiplayer shooter adds the option to surrender, in addition to adjusting agents and offering more additional new features.

The new Riot Games is updated again with one of the most demanded features. As we reported on MeriStation, the option to surrender is now available, so players will be able to quit the game when things get too black for their team. Additionally, Valorant update 1.02 adds competitive mode. “The most obvious change we have made is that now the highest rank is called Radiant,” they explain on the official website.

The developers have adjusted the markup (slowdown effect) to increase the chances of surviving should you take cover. As if that were not enough, they have worked on improving the menu UI. They warn that it may be difficult to get used to at first, but they think that the changes are for the better. Some characteristics of the agents and maps are modified. Next, we leave you with the full patch notes.

Agent updates


Toxic Screen now breaks through walls, and grenades that deploy it are placed in any valid location (such as on the ground) along its length. Viper’s Toxic Screen has the potential to become a powerful vision control tool, but rolling it out was a nightmare, so it only ended up being useful in very specific areas of the maps. This change should allow Viper to block vision in a wide variety of areas, both to deceive the enemy and to help take control of an area.

Taking damage from Snake Venom will make the affected player fragile for a short time.

Fragility is a debuff that increases the amount of damage taken by affected targets.

Warning: Total damage does not change (now deals less base damage, but since fragility increases totals, it ends up being the same).

Viper applies Decline with his Smoke Screens, but his area damage ability only dealt a moderate amount of damage making it too easy to ignore and move on. With the help of the brittleness effect, Viper’s team should be on the verge of winning if faced with enemies passing through Snake Venom.
Poisonous Orb Activation Cooldown increased: 0.5 sec >>> 0.6 sec.

We like Viper’s ability to deploy “one-way” smoke screens, but with these changes, trying to move through them would be practically suicidal in some areas. We’re going to increase the cooldown so that the strategy is still possible but a small time slot is available to counter it.


Blade Storm now resets when used to kill Phoenix during Ashes.


Soul Orbs now appear when Reyna kills Phoenix during Ashes.


Fixed an issue that caused Spy Camera to prevent disabling the Spike.

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Fixed a bug that allowed players to place Cyber ​​Prison on a trap wire.

We have added an impediment that will not allow Spy Camera to pass through Bind’s teleporter doors when placed in the frame from outside.

Smoke Screen Settings

The effects of the screen edges when entering and leaving smoke screens have been adjusted.

The value of the decline in blindness has been reduced.

The intensity of limited vision has been reduced.

Weapon upgrades

Bucky (right click)

Accuracy when bending over: 3.45 >> 4.1.

Walking accuracy: 6.4 >> 4.4.

Running accuracy: 3.5 >> 6.4.

We have found that the way we handled motion precision reduction was inconsistent for the Bucky right click. We introduced this discrepancy by mistake during closed beta when we added a small delay in the transition from running to walking to increase accuracy. This made the right click much more accurate when running than we intended. We’ve fixed the issue, and now right-clicking while running will result in much less accurate shooting than walking or standing still. In addition, we have reduced accuracy while advancing while crouched to match the evasion this status provides.

Competitive mode updates

Competitive mode will become available in this version. These are the changes that we have implemented since the closed beta:

The iconography of the ranges has been updated.

The name of the upper rank has been changed and is now called Radiant.

The level difference between members of the same group during competitive positioning games has been increased.

Map updates


Garage doors

Entrance to C Long on the attackers’ side

The covered area of ​​A Lobby has been restructured to open the space and offer more lines of vision and possible ways to cross it
C Link
A Link
The entrance and the background of A Cloaca

Defending team spawn area entrance
Attackers side of A Main (includes option to push forward to see A Main from another angle on the attackers side)
Garden Entrance

Entrance to A Baños

B teleporter output and B window input


Defending team spawn area

We want to reduce the number of areas that require using skills, checking angles and working as a team in order to advance safely.
The intention is to ensure that the most difficult angles to clear are those found in the areas that serve to maintain control of an already secured territory. With this we want to emphasize the need for skills and teamwork to get control of these areas. A side benefit is that the changes incentivize skill use and fighting in many areas of the map, which may end up reducing the number of times all players spend their skills and final in the same place and at the same time….


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