Valorant, which is frequently brought to the agenda with various character leaks and is among the favorite games of fps players, was a lot of curiosity when it was announced. The successful production, which has been on the agenda with numerous leaks until today, has excited its players with a new character leak in recent weeks.



The successful production, which has millions of actors from all over the world, announced a new character. As you may remember, a new character was leaked to the internet recently and the name of this character was claimed to be Yoru.

With the details received today, it was understood that this leak was correct. Riot Games, one of the beloved names of the game world, confirmed the name of the new character they brought to the game as Yoru and stated that this character is a duelist character.

Players who prefer Yoru will be able to hide on the map and perform various attacks that may cause chaos. Yoru, a male character, will also have his own weapon skins.

Valorant, which continues to receive brand new characters, seems to continue to make a name for itself in 2021. The game will offer its players a different experience with numerous updates.


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