Since its official launch, VeChain has jointly managed to attract a large number of well-known big companies from various industries such as PwC, DB Schenker, BMW, DNV GL, Kuehne & Nagel, Shanghai Gas and much more. These companies rely on the versatile applications of the VeChainThor Blockchain and wide-ranging expertise in the corporate sector. The new certification underpins VeChain’s goal to become a blockchain solution as the leading service.

TÜV Saarland approved VeChain

TÜV Saarland has been accredited by the renowned European certification body DAkks, which is the national accreditation body of the Federal Republic of Germany. TÜV Saarland’s blockchain service certification methodology is based on established blockchain service evaluation standards and industry-leading expertise and experience. The assessment model is well accepted internationally, such that the blockchain certification model is authorized for use by the People’s Republic of China Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA) in China.

The methodology used by TÜV Saarland Shanghai involved rigorous audits around blockchain-based services such as those offered by VeChain. This includes evaluating elements such as technical scalability, network reliability and practicality of use, among others. In addition, VeChain had to prove that the use of the services offered by the company was in compliance with the regulations of various jurisdictions.

Moreover, the VeChain Foundation was supposed to provide a detailed reporting system that provides in-depth information on technical documentation and business plans. Due to its mature technology and numerous blockchain use cases proven in the market, VeChain has been certified as the first and only approved 5-star blockchain service provider under TÜV Saarland notation. Thorsten Greiner, Managing Director of TÜV Saarland, explains that VeChain is one of the pioneers in the industry and that its corporate services meet the highest standards:

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As the first company to receive five-star service certification, VeChain has proven its advantages and has the potential to bridge larger scale enterprise digital systems or government projects.

VeChain CEO Sunny Lu says VeChain can help companies that have to limit or even stop their business activities, especially due to the corona epidemic:

We are honored to receive this certification and will look for ways to further improve our services in the business world. Many decision makers stranded by the impact of COVID-19 are looking for new business recovery capabilities and growth points that can be effectively supported by VeChain’s blockchain services.

VeChain ToolChain will pave the way for mass adoption

VeChain ToolChain is a blockchain building kit that businesses can integrate blockchain services into their business without too much technical knowledge. In a recent update, Sunny Lu explained that the VeChain ToolChain paved the way for mass adoption.

ToolChain takes only a few weeks to implement, so businesses can start enjoying the benefits of blockchain technology in a short time:

Most of the current BaaS platform are Nodes, Explorer, Wallets etc. Continues to focus on the underlying blockchain technology such as. VeChain ToolChain differs from other BaaS platforms not only with its advanced infrastructure services, but also with business-ready middleware and third-party service partners. This is the missing part that corporate customers can easily use to create their own business processes and manage data on the blockchain.


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