Spotify has significantly increased the number of users with paid subscriptions, especially in the past few years. Experienced company, for this reason, brings a functional suggestion feature to its structure, which is adding new features every day.

Users will now have easier access to Spotify Podcast broadcasts, which have reached a record break within this scope. Thus, thanks to the Spotify podcast suggestion feature, broadcasts that have remained in the corner on the shore will be offered to the users.

Spotify podcast suggestion feature is coming
Normally making suggestions only for the list of songs in the popular music and podcast listening category, Spotify now brings a suggestion system for these broadcasts.

This system, which will make suggestions based on the algorithm based on the users’ requests and the songs they listen to, such as the music suggestion feature, seems to be able to revive podcast broadcasts that are not noticed by most people.

While trying to solve the problem of finding podcasts, Spotify is also known to make efforts to help podcasts reach new audiences. The company has now begun to offer new playlists to citizens of a total of 6 countries, including the USA, Germany, Sweden, the UK, Mexico and Brazil.

Spotify, which will release three playlists weekly, plans to collect them under a suggestion title, such as “The Best Podcasts of the Week.”

These podcast lists, which are stated to be prepared by competent people, will be localized and shared for each country. For example, Turkey will be able to meet with you click on the option lists consisting of broadcast podcasts in Turkey.

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So what is the purpose of Spotify to launch this feature? In fact, the answer to this question is quite simple: to allow users to spend more time here with the playlists that will be offered with the Spotify podcast suggestion feature.

The company, which wants to introduce people who have never listened to podcasts with such broadcasts, has been testing this feature since last year.


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