WhatsApp platform, which offers audio and video communication feature in its mobile application, is preparing to bring this feature to the web and desktop versions of the application.

WhatsApp has been offering voice and video calls in its mobile applications for a long time. However, these features are not available on the PC or web version of the service. According to the new leaked information, WhatsApp has begun testing to bring voice and video calling to the web and desktop versions.

As shown in the screenshots, a limited group of WhatsApp users have already gotten new voice and video call buttons. You will be able to send a voice or video call request using these buttons with the person you choose on your list. If you’re on the receiving side, a separate popup will appear for each call, with the contact’s name, profile photo, and buttons to accept or reject the call.

Testing in a restricted user group
If you’re searching, you’ll see a separate popup with the name and profile photo of the person you’re calling, a button to turn on / off the video, a mute button, a menu button, and a mute button. As we mentioned above, support for voice and video calls in the WhatsApp web client and desktop client is currently in beta and only available to a small number of users.

Although WhatsApp has not yet announced an official release date, it should be noted that new features are expected to be rolled out to more users in the coming weeks.


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