The ViewBoard Pen Display functions as a standard drawing screen. ViewBoard Notepad is a panel that can transfer the characters you write on paper to the computer.

With the pandemic period, many business lines moved home, increasing the interest in some product groups. Interactive or portable screens started to attract attention in this period, although they were limited.

ViewSonic interactive displays
ViewSonic has announced two displays with competitive price tags for consumers looking for an external interactive display. While one is the drawing screen, the other product is in the panel design that conveys the movements of the pen.

The ViewBoard Pen Display drawing screen is 13.3 inches in size and has a patented electromagnetic pen. Battery-free pen; it can reach 8192 pressure sensitivity levels and +/- 60 degrees tilt on the screen.

The screen with a delay time of less than 30ms weighs less than 1Kg. The smart display that can transfer data to computers via USB-C connection will be available with a price tag of $ 350.

The ViewBoard Notepad is 7.5 inches in size and can transfer the movements of the electromagnetic pen on the paper to the compatible application. In this respect, it is possible to use a standard paper or notebook. Standard ink is used in the pen, which has 4096 print sensitivity levels. A $ 70 price tag has been set for the ViewBoard Notepad that connects with USB Type-C.


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