The ViewSonic brand, which offers an advanced color mixing algorithm in its professional monitors, thus participates in color blindness tests to be developed by TÜV SÜD.

Color blindness, which occurs as a problem of perceiving one or more of the colors red, green or blue, is considered one of the common ailments. Imaging equipment manufacturers, in particular, take this into account.

Great success from ViewSonic
ViewSonic, one of the big screen manufacturers, offers advanced filtering for users with color blindness problems with its new ColorPro professional monitor models. While conventional monitors only change all color combinations, ViewSonic has developed an algorithm that changes all colors that people with color problems cannot see.

The ViewSonic VP2468a, VP2768a and VP3481a monitors come in two different modes. The filter mode gives the end user a color blindness friendly color scheme. Developer mode helps content producers by creating simulations.

The global safety and quality organization TÜV SÜD recently wants to establish a test for color blindness properties used in displays. ViewSonic was chosen for this and this is the first in the industry.

In the first tests, ViewSonic monitors achieve an average success rate of 70-75 percent and at the top 90 percent. With these findings, TÜV TÜD color blindness algorithm tests will be prepared and put into use.

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