Racial tensions and violent acts of arson, looting, and vandalism continued last night, as a result of the murder of an unarmed black man in the state of Minnesota while detained by a white police officer.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota’s largest city late Thursday night, after the protesters set a police station on fire, the city’s mayor ordered the police to withdraw from the station.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, the National Guard troops he commissioned to maintain the public order after the violent incidents that took place two nights in a row after George Floyd’s murder by the police, had passed yesterday.

A violent tweet from Trump

On the other hand, President Trump hinted that in the Twitter message he shared late last night, he may have to resort to violence by writing that he would consider sending “National Guard troops” to “finish the job” if the mayor fails to provide public order.

In his message, Trump said, “If there is difficulty, we will take control, but if looting begins, weapons will speak, too.”

The arrest of black citizen George Floyd, 46, quickly spread on social media after an eyewitness recorded the incident on the camera of his mobile phone. The images show that the white police officer pressed Floyd’s neck with the knee, and Floyd moaned and said, “Please, I can’t breathe.”

Despite the dismissal of four police officers involved in the death of Floyd, who was accused of paying in a shop with counterfeit money, the social turmoil in the city did not stop.

Protest demonstrations are spreading

Events that erupted in Los Angeles on Wednesday and Denver in Colorado in Thursday caused traffic paralysis in both cities. Protesters in Phoenix, Arizona, faced armored police in the City Council.

Violent acts in Minneapolis on Thursday night, neighbor St. He leaped to Paul too. Protesters He set different points on fire in Paul.

Confronting the demonstrators who threw stones at them on Wednesday night, the armored police kept away from the vicinity of the Third District police station, which became the epicenter of the protests last night.

The protesters, who retreated for a short time due to tear gas and plastic bullets thrown by the police from the roof of the police station, came together again and attacked the police station and set the building on fire as the police retreated.

National Guard troops and firefighters did not interfere. Later, it was observed that the protesters climbed to the roof of the police station, hundreds of crowds of people spent hours around the police station and fed the flames with chipboard.

‘We are very strong’ message from mayor to Trump

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, in a press briefing early in the morning, defended his decision to evacuate the police station and noted that the decision was made because of the “open threat to both police officers and the public”.

Mayor Frey asked the question regarding President Trump’s Twitter sharing, “The willlessness is to refuse to take responsibility for your own actions. Donald Trump has the slightest idea of ​​Minneapolis might. We are very strong. ”

The Minnesota National Guard Association sent 500 troops to Minneapolis and its environs to provide security support to firefighters.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said that most of the soldiers provided reinforcement power in addition to the police, who tried to prevent the looting of banks, markets, pharmacies and other workplaces that served primarily during the Corona pandemic.

In Minneapolis, a few buildings and a car were set on fire outside the police station. Several businesses were looted, including a store selling alcoholic beverages and a store selling discounts. According to the fire department, 16 buildings were arsoned in the city on Wednesday night.

The Ministry of Justice, the Federal Investigation Agency (FBI), prosecutors and other relevant institutions, which are investigating the death of George Floyd, have publicly called for calm and promised that the investigation will be comprehensive.


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