In the new type of coronavirus epidemic that ravaged the whole world, while the fear of the second wave continued to increase, a disturbing statement came from the scientific world. Professor of Glasgow University. David Robertson suggested that it is almost impossible to completely destroy COVID-19.

The new type of coronavirus disease COVID-19, which has spread to about 5 million people worldwide and has cost more than 320 thousand lives after its emergence in Wuhan, China last December, continues to maintain its weight on the agenda.

Contrary to popular belief, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is 20 times more deadly than a normal flu disease, still loses its transmission power in the early stages of the epidemic, but still costs thousands of lives every day.

Second wave anxiety increases in coronavirus outbreak
In countries, epidemic measures have begun to loosen slowly, but this raises the crucial question (n): Is there a second wave? Some healthcare professionals who think that the quarantine rules have been loosened too early claim that the second wave is inevitable.

Professor David Robertson, head of viral genomics and bioinformatics at Glasgow University in Scotland, believes that COVID-19 is “almost uncontrollable.” “This virus is transmitted almost uncontrollably to many people with asymptomatic to mild symptoms. It may not be possible to completely eliminate the disease,” the scientist said on Tuesday at the Committee of Lords Science and Technology Committee.

Societies may have to get used to living with coronavirus
Considering that the virus will settle in the human population and will turn into a normal infection, such as the flu, within a few years. Robertson worries, however, that there may be a second increase in coronavirus cases in the short term.

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On the other hand, the only scientist who said that COVID-19 may never disappear, Prof. Not Robertson. Director of the Emergency Program of the World Health Organization. Mike Ryan also stated at a press conference on May 13 that the virus could become an endemic in society and never disappear.


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