Vivaldi announced that the ability to block viewers and ads is available for both mobile and desktop versions.

We talked about the Vivaldi internet browser, developed by the co-founder of Opera, Jon Von Tetzchner, in January 2015. Today, Vivaldi, which has come up with new features, announced that the feature of blocking viewers and ads has been made available for both mobile and desktop versions.

With the release of the 3.0 desktop version of the Vivaldi internet browser today, the ability to block viewers and ads that we encounter can also be used in the Beta version of Vivaldi’s Android app. Reaching a significant audience in a short time thanks to its customizable structure, Vivaldi is in a competitive position with today’s popular internet browsers such as Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

Cooperating with DuckDuckGo, Vivaldi’s audience blocking feature draws its strength from DuckDuckGo’s Tracker Radar system. When you first download the application, it offers 3 different options. These options are “No Blocking”, “Block Viewers” and “Block Viewers and Ads”, respectively.

You can choose any of these 3 options and use the Vivaldi internet browser. Let’s add that you can change these features as you wish in the settings section of the application. Tracking protection level can also be tracked from the top left of the URL bar.

From this section, you can both change your settings and easily track how many ads are blocked. It should be noted that Vivaldi is a Chromium based internet browser and supports the plug-ins of the Chrome internet browser. If you wish, you can download the Vivaldi internet browser for desktop here and for Android here.


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