The smartphone industry took a big leap forward in late 2019 and 2020 despite the pandemic. Huawei was officially involved in this trend that started with Samsung. According to the information received today, Vivo, another Chinese company, has rolled up its sleeves to enter the foldable phone business. The patent received in August 2020 shows that vivo will enter this industry in an interesting form.



As we can see from the images, Vivo will come up with a very unique design in which only the bottom part of the screen is folded, similar to the flip phone. There will be basically no bezels on the front of part of the screen. It is not known how this phone, which is expected to be in a very interesting form, will perform in practice.

On the back will be a rear camera module with 4 sensors, one of which is a periscope lens for zoom functionality. The flash will be located along the vertical length of the camera module. In addition, there will only be an on-off key on the phone. Probably the side of the phone will also be touch-sensitive and the media controls will be located here.

It is not known what hardware Vivo’s new fantastic phone will come with. However, according to estimates, the company is expected to keep the price affordable. Therefore, it is said that it will come with the less performance Snapdragon 865 chipset instead of the Snapdragon 888. On the RAM side, 8 GB of RAM will probably be standard.


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