China-based technology manufacturer Vivo has been patented for a smartphone design with a second screen that rotates 180 degrees at the bottom. It is not known whether the company will take this smart phone into mass production, which draws attention with its unusual design.

One of the most remarkable names in the smartphone industry, Vivo is especially known for its affordable smartphones. The company, which has a wide range of products from the middle segment to the flagships, is working on an unusual smartphone design according to the latest information.

Until now, many companies have worked on smartphones with different designs to hold onto the ever-changing and developing smartphone industry. We see the last example of this on the foldable smartphones of Samsung and Huawei. This design, which Vivo has patented, has a second screen that rotates 180 degrees under the main screen, unlike folding devices.

Patent images showing the design of Vivo’s smartphone with a 180-degree rotatable second screen are published:

When we look at the patent images that emerge, we see a smartphone with a 180-degree rotating screen. How this system works is unknown, but the images seem to consist of two different screens, the phone, the larger home screen and the swivel bottom. It is not known whether these screens are interconnected.

According to the information obtained, in one of the images, we see a QWERTY keyboard on the screen. This shows us that the bottom screen can be used even when turned back. At this point, although the operating logic of the system is not known, we can assume that this screen can be used in situations such as displaying notifications while taking a selfie on the main screen or dealing with something else.

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Shared patent images do not prove that Vivo will soon launch such a smartphone. While companies make patents for such different designs from time to time, factors such as durability and cost pose a major obstacle to the widespread use of such devices.


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