vivo News: Chinese technology manufacturer vivo has made an interesting debut with the motto of leave phones. So, what’s behind this rhetoric of vivo?


The EURO 2020 tournament, which football fans have been eagerly awaiting, would have been held last summer under normal conditions. However, due to the abnormal increase of the coronavirus epidemic, EURO 2020 was postponed to this year. Vivo phones, the official partner of EURO 2020, came up with a surprise today with the motto “Leave it”. So, what’s behind such a bold motto of the phone manufacturer?

The company, which comes up with the motto of “Take a break from your phone and be there in the beautiful moments of life”, wants you to experience the excitement of EURO 2020 to the fullest. Spark Ni, Senior Vice President and CMO of Vivo, said, “We strive to make every moment in life more magical, not just to help people capture and share life’s magical moments.” used the phrases.

The EURO 2020 competitions, which will start on 11 June, will end with the final match on 11 July. Stadiums, which will serve in limited capacity within the scope of coronavirus, will cause a little decrease in enthusiasm. But UEFA created the #vivoSuperTime campaign that will allow fans to applaud and cheer on social media. To support your country, you will be able to support your country with the hashtag #vivoSuperTime on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Vivo sees this as an opportunity to connect and reach new fans with its growing user base of over 400 million users worldwide. We can say that rapidly rising vivo will be a few steps ahead of its competitors as the sponsor of a big event like EURO 2020.


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