Founded by Shen Wei in 2009, the smartphone manufacturer has grown rapidly. The company is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. At the same time, the company that produces different products other than smart phones; smartphone accessories, software and online services. The newest smartphone using the Vivo Snapdragon 870 chipset appeared on the Google Play Console. The device, whose technical features are leaked, has hardware features that will appeal to middle and high-end users.



Other specifications and release date of Vivo Snapdragon 870 Chipset smartphone

The smartphone that will come with the Snapdragon 870 chipset is eagerly awaited. This processor is known as an eight-core processor released by Qualcomm. Snapdragon 870 important features are; Camera support up to 200 megapixel resolution, 144 Hz screen refresh rate support in QHD + resolution, and Qualcomm TrueWireless features for headphones. With these features, Vivo is expected to come with 12 GB of RAM in its newest phone. In addition, the phone is expected to have 128/256 GB of internal storage. The phone that will come with Android 11 is expected to have a Full HD + screen. The phone is expected to be introduced and available in the second quarter of this year.

We expect the phone, which is expected to be cheaper than Vivo’s flagships, to reach a good sales figure.


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