The vivo TWS 2, which comes with huge features and affordable price, will be talked about a lot. After the phone, Vivo has now stepped into the headphone business.


China’s rising star, vivo, introduced the vivo TWS 2 headphones, the successor to the TWS introduced last year. Coming with DeepX 2.0 and DEEP-HD Ultra-Clear Audio Engine, Bluetooth 5.2 and QHS high-bandwidth technology, which optimizes the modulation method and packet loss information integration method, especially in the transmission process, this headset will be talked about a lot.

Coming with a codec that supports aptX adaptive audio decoding technology, this headset provides a near lossless sound transmission. This headset, which improves the vivo’s Bluetooth signal reception performance and supports 360-degree overall coverage, comes with 12.2mm drivers.

The headset, which offers high-level performance in games with 88ms latency, uses three microphones to achieve noise reduction up to 40dB. vivo’s TWS comes with transparent mode and intelligent dynamic noise reduction that can automatically adjust the noise reduction intensity according to the environment.

This headset, which comes at an affordable price of approximately $ 80, works in harmony with both iOS and Android phones.

vivo TWS 2 features

  • AptX Adaptive / AAC support
  • Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity
  • Special 12.2mm dynamic drivers with bio-carbon fiber composite diaphragm for the best low frequency, clear and bright mid and high frequencies
  • 88 ms low latency
  • Pressure sensitive touch controls for part change
  • Triple microphones for intelligent dynamic noise reduction up to 40dB with deep, normal and light modes and one-touch transparent mode
  • Intelligent wear detection
  • Water resistant (IP54)
  • Hi-Fi-vivo Gold Ear Acoustics certificate
  • DEEP-HD Ultra HD Sound Engine
  • Headphone (each) Dimensions: 23.8 × 22.2 × 30.2mm; Weight: 4.7 g
  • Case Dimensions: 60.0 × 24.3 × 45.4mm; Weight: 41.9 g


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