Vivo rolled up its sleeves to produce a flying camera phone. Chinese technology giant vivo has attracted attention with its latest patent.



It’s time to try the untested in the phone industry. After Xiaomi’s interesting patent applications, a move came from the Chinese vivo today. Vivo announced that it has received a patent for a flying camera phone. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. Flying camera phone. So, what will this extraordinary patent offer users?

Vivo rolls up its sleeves for a flying camera phone

According to the patent received by Vivo; The camera on the phone will be able to leave the phone and fly like a quadcopter. It will be kind of like a mini drone. For this, the camera module will have two pairs of propellers, almost like in a conventional quadcopter. In addition, this camera system will also be equipped with an infrared sensor. This module, which will include two cameras, can be used for one photo and one video.

This mini drone, which can be controlled from the phone, seems to be liked by those who want a difference on the phone. It is curious when this technology, which is currently only at the patent stage, will be realized. However, it should be noted that although companies have obtained such interesting patents, they still do not use these technologies.

Considering Vivo’s breakthroughs in recent years, the arrival of a phone with a mini drone would not surprise anyone. We think that vivo, the rising star of China, will further develop this patent and come up with a modular phone. Let’s see, what kind of fantastic technology phones will we come across in the coming years? We’ll wait and see.


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