DxOMark has updated the score of Vivo X50 Pro +. With the update, there was a visible increase in the camera performance of the phone.



The DxOMark team, which scored the cameras of the phones, published the camera rating review for Vivo X50 Pro +, which scored 127 points and received praise for its performance. However, now the DxOMark team has updated its score for the 2020 flagship, increasing its score to 131 points.

According to the updated DxOMark rating; The new score reflects the performance in Version 4, which now includes image preview tests and other new test scenes. Looking at the scores, the phone scored 137 points for photography compared to 139 points last year. His score for videos was 108 points, higher than the 104 points he got in 2020. A new category included in the updated test is the Zoom segment where it gets 88 points.

Thanks to the update, Vivo’s new monster showed a strong performance, ranking third in the photo rating firm’s database. It provided “excellent” performance at low noise in good color images in most conditions. Unfortunately, its ultra-wide angle lens lags behind several other flagships. For the video, its performance was rated very satisfactory in 4K.

However, DxOMark still has some drawbacks, as ghosting effects are observed in motion scenes. Similarly, color diffusion and artefacts are unfortunately not at the desired level. Additionally, the company also found fusion problems in the mid zoom range. These problems include underexposure and unnatural colors also in wide mode. However, Vivo’s new favorite offers great camera performance, according to DxOMark.


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