VLC media player had entered a radical renewal process after a long time. The first images from the renewed interface were shared by the developers.

In the past weeks, the developers of the popular media player VLC celebrated the software’s 20th anniversary, as well as 3.5 billion downloads. In honor of this, it was announced that he intended to release a major update with a radical redesign of the application.

By keeping the developers waiting, they decided not to torment users and uncover the upcoming changes. As you can see in the released screenshots, VLC 4.0 is radically different from the current version. The interface of the desktop version of the player has become much more modern and minimalist.

Previously, when launching the application, users were greeted with a blank window with a cone-shaped logo. In the new version, the videos in the “Video” folder on the user’s computer are displayed when opening the program. You will probably be able to change the content source in settings.

Final release will arrive towards the end of the year
Also noticeable is the “Music” tab at the top, which displays audio files from the corresponding folder on your computer. In addition, it will be possible to view media files on the local network. The developers have completely redesigned the player window while playing VLC videos and music. The changes have affected the context menus, settings, and all other elements of the app.

Currently, the new version of VLC is still in development, so some features are not working as expected or not at all. The final version is planned to be released before the end of this year.


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