VLC, one of the world’s most popular media players, reached 3.5 billion downloads, while the producer of the program heralded a major update.

Since its launch 20 years ago, the free and open source cross-platform media player VLC has been downloaded more than 3.5 billion times. Now, the producer of the program points to a major update.

Web version also coming
To celebrate such a significant success, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, VLC developer and President of the VideoLAN Foundation, announced that a major update for the media player with a new user interface will be released in 2021. The upcoming changes will be part of VLC 4.0. It is worth noting that VLC had 3 billion downloads in January 2019. Accordingly, we can say that the application has been downloaded 500 million times in the last two years.

The developer also announced plans to build WebAssembly and a JavaScript-powered VLC web version. The online version of the media player will require a web plugin similar to that of Flash. In addition, VideoLAN is currently working on a brand new project called Moviepedia. It is assumed that this site, which users can edit themselves, will also rival the popular IMDb service, as implemented on Wikipedia. When the VLC update will be released has not been announced yet.


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