The voice actor Alfonso Obregón Inclán was admitted to the hospital for a possible heart attack


Can you imagine having a health emergency and being greeted by your fans? This is what happened to the voice actor Alfonso Obregón, famous for having given voice to Shrek for Latin America. He had been admitted on July 13 due to health complications, when he arrived at the hospital, his fans recognized him instantly and asked him to give some imitations.

He didn’t take it very well. Asking him to work in the middle of an emergency was not the best decision for the medical staff: ‘Talk to us like Shrek’. However, according to various people, this type of request or other such questions are used to measure the level of consciousness that their patients have.

Who is the voice of Shrek?

Alfonso Obregón Inclán is a Mexican voice actor who was born in 1960, in addition to being a voice actor with characters like Shrek, he has worked on radio programs and in the theater. Currently, he teaches voice acting classes to young students.

He studied acting at the National Institute of Fine Arts. And, some of his most famous performances have been Shrek, Marty from Madagascar, Ren from Ren and Stimpy, Kakashi Hatake in Naruto, Buds Bunny, Ted Mosby, among others.

This was the message that he shared on his social networks about this situation:

Fortunately, Shrek’s voice actor is in better health. However, no one denies that his anger was completely justified. Hopefully you are better.


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