It was stated that the new fuel developed contains 33 percent renewable fuel and it is planned to be available at gas stations starting from Germany this year.

Within the scope of combating global warming, emphasis is placed on electric vehicle technologies, but the era of fossil fuels is not yet completely closed. While the giant companies were trying to develop new solutions for fossil fuels, new news came from the Bosch, Shell and Volkwagen trio.

The three companies announced that they have developed gasoline with lower carbon compared to the fuels used today. It is stated that the new fuel, called Blue Gasoline, reduces carbon emissions by at least 20 percent for every 1 kilometer distance traveled. Moreover, it is among the information that 33 percent of the fuel consists of renewable resources.

This means, according to the example given, that with a fleet of just a thousand Volkwagen Golf 1.5 TSIs, 230 metric tons of CO2 can be saved each year. In the measurements made, it is assumed that each automobile will travel 10 thousand kilometers per year. Shell’s first goal with the new fuel developed is to make it accessible to the end user at gas stations starting in Germany.

While it is stated that the new fuel complies with the EN 228 / E10 standard, it is stated that it keeps the engine extremely clean and protects against corrosion thanks to the high quality additives it contains. It is stated that this means that the gasoline developed by Bosch, Shell and Volkswagen can be distributed through the existing gas station network and can be used in all existing and new vehicles using E10 gasoline (containing 10 percent ethanol).

We mentioned above that Blue Gasoline contains up to 33 percent renewable fuel. In the statement made, it is stated that this ratio consists of biomass-based naphtha or ethanol approved by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) system.

Volkswagen says that the new fuel they develop will not be an alternative to electric vehicles, but will play a more complementary role. Citing the rechargeable hybrid (PHEV) hybrid vehicles as an example for this, the company states that Blue Gasoline is a highly compatible fuel for these vehicles thanks to its high storage stability.

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