The electric and autonomous version of the classic Kombi, announced by Volkswagen for 2022, may be called e-Samba. According to the website Insidevs, the German automaker requested the registration of the new brand last Wednesday (24).

So far called “I.D. Buzz”, the vehicle will have four electric motors that, along with the battery, will deliver 600 km of autonomy. As for performance, it is expected to go from 0 to 100 km / h in 5 seconds. The maximum speed, however, will be limited to 160 km / h for safety reasons.

The model is expected to have an entry version, with a 200 hp engine on each axle, generating a combined power of 375 hp. In this version, the range will be reduced to 400 km.

In addition to the traditional car function, the Kombi can be used as a kind of mobile office due to its internal configuration and its high degree of connectivity.

New Kombi Design

The classic “loaf of bread” silhouette contributes to the spacious interior of the new estate. The fully flat floor facilitates movement in the cabin until all eight passengers are properly accommodated.

One of the reasons the cabin is so spacious is the strategic positioning of the electric motors below the floor.

In addition to a lot of internal space, I.D. Buzz will have a satisfactory storage capacity, with two trunk, one in the front and one in the rear. The expectation is that the production version will explore yet another attribute: internal modularity.

eClassics and Volkswagen

There is still the possibility that the I.D. Buzz does not receive the name e-Samba. In this case, according to Insidevs, the explanation is that the German automaker and eClassics would be developing another car. The companies have already revealed the e-Bulli, which is essentially a restructured and electric version of the Kombi T1. So, it is possible that a new partnership is forming for the construction of a vehicle called e-Samba.


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