Volkswagen will end production of internal combustion engine vehicles in Europe by 2035. In other regions, the process may take a little longer.


Volkswagen has announced that it will end sales of internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035. Announcing that it stopped the development of combustion engines in March this year, the brand will stop European sales of these motor vehicles by 2035. The world giant will implement a similar development in America and China, but this will be at a later date.

Volkswagen Sales Board member Klaus Zellmer, in an interview with Muenchner Merkur newspaper, said, “We will exit the internal combustion engine business in Europe between 2033 and 2035. After a while, we will leave the USA and China.” Found in the description.

“Due to the lack of political and infrastructural conditions in South America and Africa, it will take much longer for internal combustion engines to be discontinued in these countries,” Zellmer said. Zellmer told the newspaper that by 2050 at the latest, the entire Volkswagen fleet will consist of anti-CO2 vehicles.

In Europe, Volkswagen aims to have electric cars account for 70% of its total sales by 2030. The climate targets of the European Union in this regard are very strict and Volkswagen aims to go beyond the targets announced by the union.

On the other hand, many car manufacturers are announcing one by one that they will no longer develop internal combustion engines. After Audi, Volkswagen announced in March that it was saying goodbye to developing these engines. Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstaetter reported that the brand will spend all its resources and time on electric motors.


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