The idea of ​​designing your own chip continues to be accepted by other companies after Apple and Tesla. Volkswagen will also design its own chip for autonomous vehicles.

Volkswagen, which plans to use Argo AI developed with Ford in its autonomous vehicles, also aims to specialize in the hardware side.

Volkswagen will also participate in the specialized chip race

Herbert Diess, chairman of the Volkwagen group, announced in an interview that the company will design high-performance chips for autonomous vehicles.

According to Diess, this step will raise the company to a more competitive position in the market, as in the case of Tesla and Apple.

However, the possibility of Volkswagen, which is not expected to redesign the entire chip, is to develop its own patents instead.

Previously, Tesla Nvidia’s accessing more control over autonomous driving by switching to its own specialized chips while using its hardware and gaining performance advantage by designing Apple’s own chips are two important examples that can be given in this area. Finally, the first concrete examples of autonomous vehicles from Volkswagen are expected to come in 2025 and beyond.

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