The charging robot that Volkswagen is working on will be able to autonomously roam the parking lots and charge electric vehicles.

As electric vehicles become more common and affordable than ever, companies are turning their attention to newer, faster and more efficient ways to charge them. For Volkswagen, this means a new robot that can autonomously navigate a parking lot and charge electric vehicles. The developed robot does not have a name yet, so the company calls it “mobile charging robot” for now.

The mobile charging robot has two large, decorated eyes on its front screen. The design of the robot is determined to be in the form of a tower. The robot is designed to be used in “limited parking spaces” such as underground or aboveground car parks. When the vehicles are placed in such an area, the robot will go to the vehicle and connect the mobile charging unit it carries with it.

Charging does not start immediately when the charging unit is connected to the vehicle. Before the robot starts charging vehicles at this stage, it will ask drivers to initiate a charge request from their smartphones. This means that Volkswagen may make this technology available for a fee in the future. In addition, users can be allowed to charge their vehicles as they wish with pre-determined packages.

Finally, let’s point out that you can see how the robot works in the video above, but we don’t have a real view of the technology yet. Therefore, it is not yet possible to predict when the new technology will be released by Volkswagen.

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