Find out about V’s dating history and discover who could win his love. BTS’s Taehyung has a sweetheart? Symbols’ lives are altogether different from that of a typical kid, yet that doesn’t prevent them from possessing energy for affection, or if nothing else that is the thing that the gossipy tidbits state about V, who has been impractically identified with certain young ladies.

BTS has gotten exceptionally mainstream over the most recent few years, the young men are typically occupied with different undertakings, from mixtapes, unscripted TV dramas, solo melodies, new discharges, among others. In any case, do they have the opportunity to begin to look all starry eyed at and keep up a relationship in spite of the provocation of the sasaengs?

A large number of them have expressed that they want to concentrate on their golden calf profession, likewise, it is realized that more often than not a romance isn’t all around acknowledged by fans, they even request the takeoff of the individuals from the gathering.

On account of V , his sentimental history started in his time as an understudy, yet after some time, he has uncovered which young lady is his optimal sort, they have related him to different symbols and he has needed to confront gossipy tidbits, we clarify in the event that they are genuine .


During his understudy and learner days, he possessed more energy for his own life, so he once admitted that he used to date a few young ladies, however nothing genuine or enduring, even his “sentiments” were 20-day durations.

About his originally broken heart , he concedes that a young lady was announced by methods for a message, yet he never got a reaction, being his first love dissatisfaction.


Red Velvet’s Joy

While there might be a companionship between the two icons, a few fans started to interface Taehyung with Joy. Both have corresponded in different occasions, whose minutes have been recorded since 2014, until 2019 being the latest.

Be that as it may, it has all been simple hypothesis from fans, in spite of the fact that you can decide for yourself with the recordings coursing on systems.

TWICE’s Tzuyu

One more of the icons with whom he has been connected is Tzuyu, the maknae of TWICE. Recordings of gatherings about their experiences are additionally circling in certain occasions, where it appears that they meet eyes that mean something different, yet it appears that everything is the impression of the fans and there is no connection between them.


As far as anyone knows V had a relationship with a fan , it is said that the symbol utilized the endowments that she gave him and quite often referenced her in the fansigns that BTS made during rebounds. Up to this point, it has never been affirmed on the off chance that it is genuine, albeit numerous symbols have known their adherents for a considerable length of time since they were the first to help them in their pre-debut.


Rachel McAdams. Kaya Scodelario and Lily Collins are his preferred on-screen characters. Both offer the reality of having definite physical highlights, so he could like refined young ladies with a tasteful atmosphere.

About his optimal young lady, Taehyung is keen on somebody who is loving regardless of whether he shows in any case, additionally somebody who has consideration and regard as excellencies. Being an icon likewise puts you in danger of going through all the cash you have, so he needs a young lady to assist him with controlling his funds.

V isn’t the one in particular who has had bits of gossip and hypotheses in his adoration life, Jungkook has likewise been affectionately identified with certain young ladies regardless of being the maknae, on the off chance that you need to know the news that has circled about him, we leave you his dating history, gossipy tidbits and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


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