Vulnerabilities discovered in 5G put smartphone users at risk of attack. The vulnerabilities allow internet access to be blocked and traffic intercepted.

Security researchers at Positive Technologies revealed that the vulnerabilities in 5G protocols could be used to attack users’ smartphones.

It is stated that by exploiting these “longstanding” vulnerabilities, hackers can block users’ internet access and interfere with network traffic.

Experts show the vulnerabilities in 5G protocols to hackers; He said it provides subscribers and the ability to attack the operator’s network. Such attacks can be carried out from the international roaming network, the operator’s network, or even public networks that provide access to services.

Preparing the ground for DoS attack
There are vulnerabilities in the particularly critical HTTP / 2 protocol. These, in turn, offer hackers the opportunity to organize DoS (Denial of Service) attacks against users.

In the report prepared by Positive Technologies researchers, it was pointed out that there are security gaps and some problems in the PFCP protocol used in establishing subscriber connections.

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