Continuing to make a name for itself with the updates it publishes, Samsung continues to show how good it is in this business. With its flagships, the brand, which is not missing from our news, seems to be at the top of 2021 with the steps it takes. The company, which upset the smartphone market, both produces new phones and continues to bring updates to its phones without saying the old new. Android 11 update has been released for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series. The phones will catch fire, we will not be able to keep up.



While many phone models continue to count the days for the Android 12 update, the world-famous technology company continues to follow Android closely. Announcing that it has released a new update for the Galaxy Note 10 series, one of its old flagships, the company stated that the update has been released this morning.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 gets Android 11

The update, which is available to users in some countries, will soon be available in many countries, including our country. The Android 11 update, which is expected to be released globally until February 15, brought the January 2021 security patch and left mouths with file size. While the file size of the update is heard as 2.44 GB, it is stated that the details of the update will be shared with users in the future.

While the famous company continues to offer updates to phone models one by one, it will cut money this year with its new flagships. The brand, which takes pride in offering 5G technology to millions of users, will mark 2021.


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