Famous option trader Jon Najarian said that he thinks Wall Street players quietly bought Bitcoin. Stating that he also invested in Bitcoin, Najarian also stated that he also made transactions with several different cryptocurrencies.

Former NFL player, professional investor, financial markets analyst and CNBC presenter Jon Najarian, who was the guest of Anthony Pompliano’s podcast broadcast, talked about how he invested in crypto money and especially Bitcoin.

According to his biography at CNBC, Najarian was a second line defense player in Chicago Bears, one of the teams in the 32-team professional American football league National Football League (NFL) before becoming a professional option trader.

Najarian explained how he invested in the cryptocurrency market with the following words:

“I am probably allocating 5 to 10 percent to digital assets monthly, and almost all of them are Bitcoin. There is some Ethereum, but mostly Bitcoin. There is a very small amount of Litecoin and Stellar. It was the first time that I bought Bitcoin at $ 300, and I did not buy again until it reached $ 1700. For this reason, I missed a lot and did not sell when it exceeded 19 thousand dollars. If I did, I would look like a genius. ”

Najarian, who claims that Wall Street players secretly increased their Bitcoin assets, is confident that Bitcoin will come in the long term.

Marc Lasry example

An example of Wall Street players mentioned by Najarian could be American billionaire businessman and free investment fund manager Marc Lasry. Lasry, who is also one of the owners of the NBA team Milwaukee Bucks, said that he had invested 1 percent of his personal wealth in Bitcoin in the “Squawk Box” program in CNBC in 2018. Lasry stated that he bought Bitcoin for the first time a few years ago. However, he stated that he made a lot of purchases in the year when 2017 was in the price range of 5 to 7 thousand dollars. The billionaire name said he thought his price could reach 20 to 40 thousand dollars as Bitcoin became the mainstream.

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Positive aspects of Bitcoin according to Najarian

Pointing out that Bitcoin has very beneficial aspects, Najarian emphasized that the largest cryptocurrencies can easily carry large amounts of money anywhere in the world without carrying any travel check or making a BTC declaration at the customs. Stating that gold and cash money cannot be carried so easily, Najarian said that he agrees with Anthony Pompliano that it is impossible to seize Bitcoin differently from the funds in his bank account, which means a great advantage.


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