Lead author Jac Schaeffer made some statements about the second season of WandaVision, one of Marvel’s first series for Disney +.

The first Marvel series, WandaVision, which was prepared by Disney itself and will be broadcast on Disney +, began broadcasting last week with the first two episodes. Unfortunately, the second season of the series, which received good comments with its first 3 episodes, may not come.

Recently, lead author of the series, Jac Schaeffer, gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter, where some questions were asked about the second season. Jac Schaeffer said he can’t speak for the second season right now, but the final episode of the series will feel complete.

If we consider the situation of Vision in Avengers Infinity War, we can actually guess that the series will not continue. But at least it’s a nice situation that the finale of the series feels finished.

In addition, according to the statement, the next episode of WandaVision, the fourth episode, would move the series to a different place and remove some question marks.


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