Preparations have started for a big deal in the entertainment industry. Warner Media, the parent company of HBO, CNN and DC Comics, will merge with Discovery to become a new company.

As a result of the rapid growth of the entertainment industry in recent years, a few of the big companies have grown and, like most, the industry is moving under the leadership of several companies. Recently, AT&T executives announced that they were going to join with Discovery.

Warner Media, to which Warner Bros., HBO, CNN, DC Comics, Cartoon Network and more are affiliated, will merge with Discovey and become a new company. After this merger, a platform will be prepared to rival platforms such as Netflix and Disney +. 70 percent of this new company to be established will be owned by AT&T. Discovery will acquire a 29 percent stake in this company.

Currently, Warner Media had a platform called HBO Max and Discovery had a platform called discovery +. As a result of this merger, all brands of both companies will be gathered under one roof and in this way they will try to compete with Netflix and Disney +.

Will BluTV be Affected by This Deal?

As you know, in the past months, Discovery also announced their partnership by buying shares from BluTV. As a result of the partnership, Discovery content came to BluTV. Unfortunately, it is not known whether or not BluTV will be affected or affected. At least the possibilities are as follows: The contents of the new company to be established may come to BluTV, even if the contents do not come to BluTV, the new company


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