Several new developments about DDoS attackers emerged between December 2020 and the first week of January 2021, according to a warning by security firm Radware. The firm claims these developments are part of a global campaign that started in August last year. After the crypto bull run in recent months, the ransom wave from the same actors has also sharply increased. Radware noted that most companies did not report such events to the media in August and September 2020. Most of these attackers want Bitcoin.



DDoS attackers want Bitcoin

One of the first Bitcoin ransom letters sent by hackers was as follows:

We wanted 10 Bitcoins to be paid so that your entire network would not fall victim to a DDoS attack. It has been a long time and we have not received any payment. Why is that? What’s wrong? Do you think you can reduce our attacks? Do you think this is a joke or do you think we will give up? In any case, you are wrong.

At the time of the initial letter sent by the threat actors, Bitcoin was worth about $ 10,000. However, in the latest round of ransom letters, the security firm found that hackers were aware of the rise in BTC prices:

We will be kind and not increase your fee. In fact, we will temporarily reduce the fee to 5 BTC, as the price has risen over 100% since the last time! Temporary. Yes, pay us 5 BTC and we’ll go.

“Part of a big campaign”
Radware commented on the concern that such threats should represent for companies:

Ransomware DDoS campaigns have become a traditional affair. Threat actors often work for several weeks targeting specific industries and companies before giving up. The 2020/2021 global ransomware DDoS campaign represents a strategic shift from these tactics. DDoS extortion has become an integral part of the threat landscape for organizations in almost every industry since mid-2020.

The crypto industry has also been directly affected by the cybercrime field in the past few months.


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