According to Emma Watson’s surprising revelations, the actress was very embarrassed to kiss Rupert Grint and here’s why.

Recently, we shared with you the cash secrets of Daniel Radcliffe who revealed that he was disgusted by the idea of ​​dating Emma Watson, a duo who never actually went beyond the stage of mere friendship. Like the interpreter of Harry Potter, the 30-year-old actress has also forged strong ties with Rupert Grint who plays Ron Weasley in the famous saga. Ultra close to the one whom she considers besides as her brother, Emma Watson had revealed during an interview with MTV a few years ago the embarrassment that she had felt while kissing her play partner, an anecdote as surprising as funny.

Not at all comfortable during the shooting of the sequence, Emma Watson had thus confided: “I wondered ‘I put the tongue or not? I cover my teeth? What am I doing? I’m going first? Oh my God. “I ended up jumping on Rupert. I wanted it to stop. The only good thing was that we were both in the same boat. We were like,” Oh my God, We have to do this, I can’t believe this. It’s really annoying. Far too annoying. “So I could console myself that Rupert felt the same. We were both laughing. We were like kids 12 year olds who just can’t stay together. ” We can imagine the scene very well! For always more news about Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, find out if Daniel Radcliffe is always as close to them.


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