Kate Middleton seems to be harassed by Meghan Markle fans if these revelations are to be believed.

Recently, a crazy rumor suggested that Kate Middleton was panicked at the idea that Meghan Markle was throwing her secrets away. Since the latter left the royal family with Prince Harry and settled in Los Angeles, the noises of corridors intensify. It must be said that it’s been a while that we have been lending tensions between the two beautiful sisters, and things do not seem about to get better because of the behavior of the fans … Recently, Kate Middleton was harassed by Meghan Markle supporters. The Duchess of Cambridge performed a live on Zoom to chat with children from the Waterloo primary school in Blackpool, to instill in them the importance of being kind and caring for each other. During this live, comments from Internet users were allowed, and we saw a wave of hatred land …

Several people found the situation ironic, claiming that Kate Middleton had not been kind to Meghan Markle in the royal family. So we could read comments aimed at Prince William’s wife like: “Considering the way Meghan was treated by her, I am not sure that she is the best spokesperson for the concept of kindness towards the others” , “Oh really? She should have started this kindness at home, showing some sympathy to Meghan”, “Is kindness limited to certain people?” or “I was also wondering when Kate was going to copy and paste to Meghan’s style, I guess that’s what she said with her speech for school”. Not very nice these comments addressed to the Duchess of Cambridge … Still about Kate Middleton, discover why she and Prince William are very watched by Queen Elizabeth II.


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