LG’s foldable phone LG Rollable, which failed in the phone business, came with a pleasing statement. The project is not shelved.



Speculation was circulating that LG might cancel its foldable smartphone project, amid speculation that it was considering quitting the smartphone business. The official announcement was made today for the highly anticipated LG Rollable.

“We have not yet made a decision regarding future mobile products,” LG spokesperson said. used the expression. With this statement, it became clear that LG’s foldable phone project has not been canceled “yet”. However, the LG spokesperson did not specify when they will enter the foldable phone industry.

Last month, the company said it was exploring possible measures such as selling, retracting or downsizing the smartphone business. LG has been struggling in the smartphone business for many years. The company, once considered to be the three largest smartphone manufacturers in the US, has consistently lost about $ 4.5 billion in the last 5 years.

The company also generated a total revenue of $ 56.45 billion. The company, which made 16.9 percent profit compared to last year, unfortunately writes a loss on the loss in the mobile area. Unfortunately, it does not seem possible to prevent this bad trend. The telephone industry is such a sector that if you cannot make a sound for 3-4 years, you are wiped off from the market. We can show Nokia and HTC as the clearest example of this.

The mobile communications industry earned $ 4.66 billion last year. Despite the pandemic, the phone industry, which has increased by 4.9 percent compared to 2019, owes this to Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi. Huawei became a partner of these three companies that dominate the market. However, OPPO seems to replace Huawei, which is unable to produce processors.


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