Chip crisis News: An interesting information came today about the chip crisis that broke out with the coronavirus. Chipset manufacturers seem unaffected by this crisis.


In the past 2020, with the coronavirus epidemic affecting the whole world, all sectors as well as health were severely injured. The chip crisis, which affected all sectors from the phone to the automobile industry, also emerged in the epidemic. This crisis was so great that companies had difficulties in producing new products and had stock shortages. At least that’s what the information was conveyed. However, data from Strategy Analytics today shows that the situation is not so dire.

Strategy Analytics announced that the smartphone chipset market grew by 21 percent in the first quarter, reaching $6.8 billion. Qualcomm continues to be the leader with a 40 percent market share. MediaTek, which has risen with the Dimensity chipset series, ranks second with a share of 26 percent. We think that MediaTek will increase its market share to over 30 percent by the end of 2021.

MediaTek is followed by Apple with a 20 percent share. Samsung and Huawei are in fourth and fifth places. It is said that Huawei will force the top three once it gets rid of the chipset embargo. 41% of all chipsets shipped in the last quarter are 5G-capable chipsets. Among these chipsets are the Snapdragon 480 and Dimensity 700, which sell like bread.

Huawei’s HiSilicon chipset sales fell 88 percent due to the company’s smartphone situation. The emptied market share was filled mainly by Qualcomm and MediaTek, which showed double-digit growth in platform shipments. At the same time, Apple, Samsung and Unisoc also managed to increase sales and shipments in 2021.

It looks like the chipset market will continue to grow. Considering that Chinese manufacturers introduce phones every day, we can say that the chip crisis has passed the phone market tangentially. At least for now…


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