SECRET NUMBER for the first time performed their debut song entitled ‘Who Dis?’ A few hours before carrying out their debut on Tuesday (19/05) at , SECRET NUMBER first greeted the media crew through the debut showcase.

At this debut showcase, SECRET NUMBER had the opportunity to display their debut song titled ‘Who Dis?’ for the first time on stage. Even though they are still rookie, the five SECRET NUMBER members can perform the song ‘Who Dis?’ very well.

As often discussed earlier, SECRET NUMBER is a rookie girl group from VINE Entertainnment consisting of LÉA, Denise, Jinny, Dita and Soodam.

Dita was a member of the first K-Pop girl group from Indonesia, while Denise and Jinny had previously been trainees at the YG Entertainment agency.

You can watch SECRET NUMBER’s first appearance with the song ‘Who Dis?’ through the following video!


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